As-Cut Cut Wire

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Desinged to ensure high abrasive power and high wear resistance

Cylindrical-shaped grain made from drawn carbon steel wire and cut in length equal to diameter.

Produced by cutting steel wire into lengths equal to the wire diameter, Cut Wire is a mono grain size abrasives with a good service life at high blasting velocity. The as-cut quality is normally used in specific desanding applications while conditioned Cut Wire is mainly used in shot peening applications.

Key Applications

- Suspension springs

- Valve springs

- Gear & Shafts

- Car body

- Valves and fittings

  • Ensure optimum performance in shotblasting castings, steel and light alloys; decalaminating
  • preparation and surface finishing of steel molded and forged and light alloys
  • steel products rolled and drawn in steel
  • technical articles in steel and light alloys
  • steel pipes, fittings and valves, steel carpentry, products to be regenerated, cylinders.
As-Cut Cut Wire
As-Cut Cut Wire