• What is an abrasive?

    The abrasive is a tool or material of a certain hardness used in different industrial processes and whose purpose is to act on other materials with mechanical efforts such as polishing, cleaning, grinding, among others.

  • What is an abrasive for?

    An abrasive is used to act on surfaces and carry out the process of laminating, peening, cleaning or preparing metal surfaces, applicable in different industrial processes.

  • What is the difference between standard abrasives and premium abrasives?

    Premium abrasives are exclusive blends from W Abrasives, which are made for more specific applications and ready to use. On the other hand, the standard shot requires a mixing process or give them some previous treatment to use them.

  • What are the benefits of Premium Abrasives?

    A premium abrasive has multiple benefits that allow a more specialized use for specific applications, in addition to not requiring a process prior to use, either mixing or some type of treatment to prepare the product.

  • How to choose the best abrasive for my needs?

    To choose the correct abrasive according to your needs, it is important to review the requirements of the coatings or paints in which the abrasive will be applied since they usually indicate the granulometry to be used. To have a better knowledge of the correct abrasive for your needs, we have an advisory service to support you in the process, contact us to provide you with adequate advice.

  • What types of abrasives, W Abrasives sell?

    At W Abrasives we focus on innovation and respect for the environment, handling metal and grain abrasives that are recyclable and produce less pollution than others. We have standard steel shot in all its granulometries; as well as stainless steel and cut wire.

  • Is there a minimum purchase volume?

    Products are sold in tons, so the recommended minimum volume is one ton.

  • What is the delivery time of the products?

    The shipping time depends on the availability of the products and the location. Our commitment at W Abrasives is to deliver your products in less than 7 weeks. We have products with deliveries in less than 7 days (shot and grit in some sizes) and instruments such as mesh kit, scales, brushes and almén products.

  • Do you have national and international shipments?

    We only handle national shipments; However, W Abrasives has a worldwide presence and you can check its different locations on its page.

  • What payment methods are available?

    The payment methods that we handle can be by deposit or transfer, and payment by credit or debit card.

  • Do you have a physical store to see the products?

    We do not have a physical store to see the products, however you can contact us for personalized attention at +39 0392200941, or email [email protected]

  • What other products do you handle apart of blast products?

    We handle a variety of products apart from shot, such as special cut wire abrasives and stainless steel. We also have exclusive brand instruments that help you verify the cleanliness of mixtures or surfaces, as well as premium products with mixtures patented by W Abrasives and different instruments for measuring surfaces and measuring shot peening.