Corundum White

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Pure alumina obtained by a fusion process

Mineral corner grains also called aluminum oxide, obtained in the process of production of metallic aluminum starting from the mineral bauxite

Ideal for high-tech applications, Aluminium Oxide white comes with highest purity combined with extreme hardness and a wide range of sizes.

Key Applications

- Medical

- Dental

- Optical

- Aerospace

- Precious metal and Special alloy applications

- Stainless steel and Aluminium structures

Product Features:

  • Hardness: 9 mohs
  • Shape: Angular
  • Melting point: ca. 2050 °C
  • Specific gravity: ca. 3,9 – 4,1 g/cm3
  • Bulk density (varies according to the grain size) :ca. 0,8 – 2,1 g/cm3
Corundum White
Corundum White