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All Purpose Garnet Abrasive

Mineral grain with corner shape belonging to the group of garnets, orthosylicates including the almandino variety

Garnet is a mineral basically made by Almandino, durable enough to be recycled. Adapted to all types of surfaces , ferrous and not ferrous.

Key Applications

- High pressure water jet cutting

- Concrete Cleaning

- Mechanical Pickling

- Surface preparation of pipes, tanks, ships, bridges, stainless steel & aluminium structures

Product Features:

  • Hardness: ca. 7,5 – 8 mohs
  • Shape: Angular
  • Melting point: ca. 1.300 °C
  • Specific gravity: ca. 3,5 – 4,3 g/cm3
  • Bulk density (varies according to the grain size) :ca. 1,9 – 2,2 g/cm3