AMS shot

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Aerospace quality cast steel shot

Aerospace quality cast steel shot for peening and peen forming

High carbon cast steel shot, with narrow particle size distribution, higher density and tight shape and hardness consistency.

Key Applications

- Aerospace shot peening and forming including: Engines, Landing gears, airframes

- Industrial and automotive peening including:

- Valves, spring, suspension

Meets more than one Specification:

  • Conforms to AMS 2431 specification issued by SAE
  • Approved by Bombardier, Safran (DMR 71-110), Curtiss-Wright/Metal Improvement Company, GE, Rolls-Royce, ThyssenKrupp, Renault Nissan and many others.


  • With 2 manufacturing plants, and multiple distribution locations, our AMS shots are always available for a quick delivery.


  • Obtain optimum shot peening effect and intensity;
  • Improve process consistency and respect surface integrity with high precision SP shot media.

  • AMS 2431: Peening media, General requirements
  • AMS 2431/1: Cast steel shot, ASR, Regular hardness
  • AMS 2431/2 Cast steel shot, ASH, High hardness
AMS shot
AMS shot