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High performances grit for surface preparation in energy sector.

Surfium® - A high efficiency steel grit media specially designed for your Wheel blasting process prior to coating.

Premium steel abrasive with a very narrow hardness range (+/- 1.5RHc), for low dust generation and a consistent surface profile. Developed specifically for wheel-blasting process in the energy sector such as pipelines and for rebar coating, Surfium will improve wheel-blasting applications where high durability coatings are needed.

Key Applications

- Rebars

- Steel and Metallic structures

- Pipelines

Cleaning Performances:

  • More consistent surface profile
  • Increase production speed due to an optimized blasting media process


  • Longer service Life compared to GL steel grit.

Coating quality:

  • Coating life improvement: thanks to Surfium's low conductivity.
  • Better coating adhesion: Reduction of dust left on parts due to the specific hardness of the product.