Stelux CN

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Designed for blasting operations of non-ferrous metals castings, forgings, and profiles

A real stainless steel abrasive media mainly dedicated to cleaning, deburring and surface finishing of non-ferrous metal parts

The specific characteristics of the Stelux CN, such as austenitic microstructure, non–ferrous contamination, work hardening during blasting operations, transform it into the most suitable stainless steel abrasive media for mechanical treatment of non – ferrous metals and stainless steel parts, within respect of the most stringent specifications and standards, such as NADCA and ASTM A 380M.

Key Applications

- Aluminium casting alloys and parts: Silumin (Aluminium – Silicon alloys)

- Zinc pressure die – castings: ZAMAC alloys

-Non-ferrous metals castings and parts: Copper, Brass, Bronze, Copper Nikel alloys

-Stainless steel castings, forgings and welded parts: 200 & 300 series

- Surface preparation prior powder coatings application

  • Non – ferrous contamination.
  • Customized surface finishing: satin or bright finish
  • Stable operating mix
  • No additional chemical treatment
  • 100% recyclable
Stelux CN
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