Nova 3 Helmet

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Best in class Blast Helmet

The Nova 3® sandblasting respirator is strong, robust, durable, and comfortable, providing maximum performance for abrasive blasting.

Nova 3® Sandblasting Respirator

The RPB® Nova 3® respirator offers maximum comfort during sandblasting operations, ensuring better performance in the field.

Equipped with a robust sandblasting helmet shell, made from engineering-grade nylon, it guarantees optimal safety levels even when used in hazardous abrasive blasting environments.

During the design phase, we considered that better vision would allow operators to be more productive. For this reason, the Nova 3® is equipped with a superior viewing window for the operator, offering optimal peripheral vision and 30% more downward vision compared to other sandblasting helmets available on the market.

Compatible with a wide range of accessories that further enhance safety and productivity, the industry-preferred respirator is the ideal starting point for your PPE safety kit.

The Helmet is best in class for comfort, safety and durability

Nova 3 Helmet
Nova 3 Helmet