Almen Strip Holder

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Ideal to support Almen Strips

According to SAE J442 (industry standard), hardened to Rockwell C 58 or higher
crew diameter 6 mm.

Almen Strips Holder is a high resistant cemented steel to be welded on the blasting parts to support almen strips. Delivered with screws. SAE standard: block with flat head screw diameter 5 mm. W Abrasive block with hexagon head screw diameter 6 mm.

Key Applications

- Shot Peening

  • Meet J442 industry standard
  • Screws for strip attachment supplied.
  • Certificate of conformance delivered with the holder.
  • digital indicator;
  • convenient replacement of battery (no data lost);
  • support balls for strip made of ceramic (basically no wear).
  • Mechanical positioning system for strip; no magnets which attract metallic residues, shot, etc.
  • Meets SAE J442, AMS 2430 and AMS 2432;
  • separate curved calibration block included.
  • 1 year warranty
  • With screw & nut or threaded type, and corrosion protection.
  • Dimensions: L x W x D = 76.4 x 38 x 19mm
  • Made in Germany
  • Shipping weight: 0,45 kgs
  • Screws for strip attachment included.
  • M8 size screw thread on the back side of the holder for mounting purpose (not for flange type).

Product Features:

2 types are available:
  • Drilled Through Holes – This style block includes a nut, cap screw and washer as hardware.
  • Tapped Holes – This style block has threaded holes and includes a cap screw for securing the strip to the block.
Almen Strip Holder
Almen Strip Holder