Almen Strip Aero Plus

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A, C and N Certified Almen Strips

Measure intensity for shot peening applications

Meeting the most stringent specifications, these AMS Almen strips are used to quantify precisely the intensity (arc height) of your shot peening application, allowing you to monitor your efficiently your peening process.

Key Applications

- Shot peening

  • Arc height performance test for every lot for repeatability
  • Each strip is LASER measured for flatness, results printed on strip
  • Each strip comes with a tracking number
  • Almen strips with no burrs: additional mass finishing to grind away burrs
  • Bright surface: helps to identify irregular coverage
  • A Strip : +/- 0.013 mm
  • HRC 45-48
  • LxWxD: 76,1 mm x 18,95mm x 1,295 mm
  • C Strip : +/- 0.013 mm
  • HRC 45-48
  • 76,1mm x 18,95mm x 2,385 mm
  • N Strip : +/- 0.013 mm
  • HRC 45-48
  • LxWxD: 76,1mm x 18,95mm x 0,785 mm

Product Features:

  • Meet Grade 2 standards: SAE J442, SAE AMS 2430, SAE AMS 2432
  • In box with certificate
Almen Strip Aero Plus
Almen Strip Aero Plus