Coverage Checker

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Tool to measure the coverage of shotblasted surface

By registering visual inspection coverage results into Coverage Checker in advance,
coverage value is calculated from correlation between coverage data table and
captured target image.

Coverage Checker has Measurement mode and OK/NG mode.
In Measurement mode, result is shown in coverage value calculated from recipe.
In OK/NG mode, result is shown in pass/fail (OK/NG).

Coverage Checker is designed for easy and precise coverage measurement instead
of human eyes.


  • Consistent measurement result by any operator
  • COVERAGE CHECKER is available for coil spring bore and narrow area.
  • COVERAGE CHECKER can measure hole inside with a special attachment.
  • Visual coverage measurement requires much experience and skill.
  • With COVERAGE CHECKER, even beginner can measure coverage as well as
    skilled operator. It is also a valuable educational tool.
  • USB connection to your PC ( Windows 7, 8 and 10 ).
Coverage Checker
Coverage Checker