WA Clean

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Be confident in the cleanliness of your surface preparation

Unique technology to measure the cleanliness of metallic substrates

The Heavy-Duty is designed for everyday use, on the construction site as well as in a production environment. The iOS version is light and practical, perfect for carrying anywhere.

Key Applications

- Works for all low curves and flat parts surface preparation industries except stainless steel for other substrates contact us.

  • Have full confidence in your surface preparation operations thanks to an accurate and reliable assessment of cleanliness grade
  • Reduce non-quality events via immediate identification of process deviations
  • Reduce your costs by performing the right blast-cleaning, and not more


  • Optical analysis device able to evaluate the cleanliness level of a blasted surface
  • Quick measurements: less than 2 seconds per analysis
  • 2 working modes: cleanliness measurement or PASS/FAIL
  • Pre-visualization of the measured area via a built-in digital camera
  • Internal memory to save, export and share records
  • Automatic PDF reports generation
WA Clean
WA Clean