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Shotblasting & degreasing in one clean sweep
PantaTec ultimate is a mineral-based blasting additive that, by its physical properties, seperates oils and greases from metalic surfaces and fix them.

Thanks to Pantatec ULTlMATE's physical properties, oils and greases are immediately removed from the metal surfaces and bound to the additive particles. The favourable surface-to-weight ratio then enables the selective transport by air flow of those disturbing substances out of the system. In part, they are immediately removed by the dust extraction from the blasting process. However, at the latest the additive particles are completely removed from the blasting process in the air separator. In the follow-on filter system the now no longer sticky dust particles are then separated and then can be disposed as usual

Key Applications

Surface preparation, surface cleaning, wheel blasting

Cost Saving:

  • Enhanced life of dust filters (no clogging by oily dust particles)
  • Shortened throughput times with the reduced or removed cleaning steps
  • Reduced blasting machine maintenance costs.


  • Reduced risks of coating failure due to oil and grease contamination
  • Higher process consistency thanks to a better stability of the operating mix.

How Pantatec Works: With the PantaTec method , the simple admixture of an additive separates disturbing oils and greases from metal surfaces binds then and in this way removes them from the process. This even greasy metal surfaces can be blasted without problem and can even be coated directly.